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Spring is in the air and chocolate is everywhere! It's time to embark on a whimsical adventure at RuneScape's new and beautifully blossoming Easter hub - the Blooming Burrow.

As you hop deeper into the burrow, you'll join forces with the Easter Bunny to revolutionise chocolate recipes and crack open a host of spring surprises. With a new quest, and a hunt for Golden Eggs, plus heartwarming encounters with adorable critters and a bunch of classic and new rewards, the blooming burrow is the place to be from March 18th until April 8th!

Catch the Springtime Vibes

The Blooming Burrow offers all sorts of fun activities to get you hopped up on spring cheer. These include as :

  • Brand new festive hub for all your springtime vibes
  • An Easter-themed seasonal quest.
  • Seasonal hub Activities in the Blooming Burrow
  • The Grand Eggs-Change, stuffed with themed items
  • Repeatable Egg Hunts to get you hopping with Easter Joy

We'll discuss each of these in more detail below - jump to a relevant section by clicking the list above, or just keep scrolling!

The Blooming Burrow

Welcome to your new pastel paradise! This serene spot is where the Easter Bunny has been catching up on his beauty sleep all year. Use the portal in the Burthorpe event area, the lodestone network or make your way here from the community tab for the duration of the event.

Great Egg-Spectations

Easter is fast approaching and it’s all been a bit too quiet… where is the Easter Bunny? Well, it turns out he has drastically overslept – and he's no longer the tycoon king of chocolate ideas! Competitors have popped up in his absence and now he needs you to help him get back on top of the game. If he doesn't, he could lose his factory...

Travel around Gielinor to find, create and test the perfect chocolate recipes for the Easter Bunny's mass production operation!

Completing the quest will award you with the following :

  • Bunny Outfit
  • 5,000 Cooking XP Lamp
  • 2,000 Spring Tokens
  • Emotes from previous Easter events (if not previously unlocked)
  • Access to the factory line activity in the Blooming Burrow
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys

Much like the Christmas quest, It's Snow Bother, this quest will return each year around Easter. As it’s only available for a limited time each year, it does not award a Quest Point and is not required for your treasured Quest Cape! Now let's hop on over and see what’s up with those Spring Tokens…

Springing into action

With a spring in your step you will be collecting Spring Token via repeatable activities in the Blooming Burrow alongside getting 2000 for completing the quest. You will be able to spend these tokens on seasonally themed items (some old and some new) with Gummy Bunny at the Grand Eggs-change. Keep in mind you will only be able to hold a maximum of 30,000 Spring tokens at a time so make sure to buy some seasonal rewards if your are near the cap.

Eggs-cellent Activities

The Blooming Burrow plays host to a variety of activities centred around chocolate making that can be repeated to earn Spring Tokens!

Everyone yearns for the mines...

Did you know Easter chocolate is mined? That is why it's so chunky! To help with egg production, you'll need to head down to the chocolate mines and start toiling. Gather from the chocolate rocks and deposit it in the mineshaft to earn Mining XP and Spring Tokens for your work. Imagine how good it smells down there...

Cocoamancy is delicious... and dangerous

Use your Hunting prowess to help Fizzy Bunny with his Cocoamancy idea and capture the escaped chocolate bunnies that are hiding in nearby burrows. Earn Hunting XP while searching the burrows and bring the animated chocolate bunnies back to Fizzy for Spring Tokens.

Foiling plans

Before they can be sent off, the eggs they will all need to be wrapped in foil – and you can assist by smithing the foil! Grab soft metal from the forge and flatten it on the anvil, gaining Smithing XP for your troubles, before dropping it off in foil storage for Spring Tokens.

Get in Line

After completing the Great Egg-Spectations quest, return to the Egg Plant chocolate factory and offer a helping hand with the chocolate crafting machine. Take your spot on the construction line helping to either Mix, Mould or Foil the eggs and other chocolate goodies.

Each station handles a different aspect of the process, and gives experience in either Herblore, Cooking or Crafting depending on which you use. Worker bunnies will call out instructions, so you’ll have to coordinate with your fellow players and move around to where extra help is needed if you want to keep production going and earn increased Spring Tokens!

Keeping an Ear out

While you're going about your usual skilling and combat activities, you will also have a chance of finding untradeable Skill Pet Bunny Ear tokens! These will unlock adorable little bunny ears for your Skill Pets. As an illustration of just how cute this is, may we present... Omenbunny!

In previous events these tokens would unlock a random appearance, but this year you can choose which pet the ears are unlocked for when you obtain a token. Simply make your choice from a list like this:

The Grand Eggs-Change

Alright, you've completed the quest and worked hard to earn a bunch of Spring Tokens – now to visit Gummy Bunny just outside the Egg Plant to see what he has in stock on the Grand Eggs-Change! His collection includes old and new rewards themed around Easter. This store will return each year, so don't worry if you haven't collected enough tokens this time around.

Here we have Laika the Chocolate bunny, the Imperial Coronation outfit and Squirrel Ears! Check the table below for a full list of what's in store...

Click here for the Full table

Reward Cost Category
Burrow Teleport 2000 Override
Laika 5000 Pet
Bunny Hungry 500 Overhead Emote
'of the Flowers' 500 Title
Gummy Surprise Egg 5000** Container
Butterfly Dervish emote 2000 Animation
Easter Cooking skilling animation 2000 Animation
Loves me, loves me not rest* 2000 Animation
Squirrel Ears 1000 Gear
Sunbeam Crown 500 Gear
Icicle Crown 500 Gear
Egg on Face Mask 500 Gear
Chocolate Egg on Face Mask 500 Gear
Eggsterminator* 2000 Gear
Butterfly Mask 500 Gear
Butterfly Top 1500 Gear
Butterfly Legs 1000 Gear
Candy Floss Maul 2000 Gear
Aurelian Cape 2000 Gear
Butterfly Necklace 500 Gear
Enchanted Bunny Egg 1500 Transmog item
Enchanted Chick Egg 1500 Transmog item
Enchanted Lamb Egg 1500 Transmog item
Everlasting Gobstopper 1500 Transmog item
Butterfly Wings 1000 Override
Sword of Edicts override 2000 Override
Brassican Cloak 1000 Override
Marimban Cloak 1000 Override
Godless Cloak 1000 Override
Jadinko Slippers override 500 Override
Egg on a Fork override 2000 Override
Bunny Head override 1000 Override
Imperial coronation helmet* 500 Override
Imperial coronation cuirass* 1500 Override
Imperial coronation plate legs* 1000 Override
Imperial coronation gauntlets and sabatons* 1000 Override
Chick-axe 2000 Override
Caelyn's spare hat override 1000 Override
Easter backpack override 1000 Override
Floppy bunny ears override 1000 Override
Jadinko Pet 5000 pet
Sheldon pet 5000 pet
'Hard-boiled' title 500 title
'The Poached' title 500 title

*Only available to members

**Gummy Surprise Egg can be purchased repeatedly

The Blooming Burrow and the Grand Eggs-change will be available until the game update on April 8th, and your Spring Tokens will carry over between the years – so don't worry if you didn't get everything you wanted this time!

Gummy Surprise Egg

Following feedback from our Christmas event, we have included a reward in the Grand Eggs-Change that can be repeatedly bought with Spring Tokens. The Gummy Surprise Egg can be picked up in the store and cracked open for two Tiny Protean Packs and two other rewards from the list below. Due to the nature of these items the Gummy Surprise Egg is not available to Ironman players.

Click here for the Full table

Item Amount
Alchemist Key 5
Crystal Key 5
Menaphite Gift Offering (small) 1
Menaphite Gift Offering (medium) 1
Menaphite Gift Offering (large) 1
Chimes 400
Taijitu 2
Small Goebie Burial Charm 1
Large Goebie Burial Charm 1
Unstable Air Rune 1
Small Dungeoneering Token Box 1
Medium Dungeoneering Token Box 1
Large Dungeoneering Token Box 1
Onyx Dust 30
Box of Clue Scrolls (untradeable) 1
Gift for the Reaper 1
Crystal Triskelion Fragment 1
Slayer VIP Coupon 1
Large Box of Components 1
Ports Resource Crate 1
Starved Ancient Effigy 1
Unfocused Reward Enhancer Charge 1
Unfocused Damage Enhancer Charge 1
Shattered Anima 80000
Strange Rock 1
Golden Rock 1
Easter Egg Follower Pet (Eggos) 1

Hunt for the Golden Eggs

Nougat Bunny is a big fan of solving puzzles and hunting clues, and he's hidden golden eggs all over Gielinor for you to find! Take part in these Egg hunts in 3 different varieties to get your hands on exclusive rewards from the Egg Hunter's Hoard!

Blooming Burrow Egg Hunt

First up is the Blooming Burrow... before he can send you off into the wilds of Gielinor to hunt down golden eggs, Nougat needs to know you're made of the right stuff. You will need to hunt 12 Golden Eggs hidden all around the burrow to prove yourself. You will be able to complete this hunt each day of the event for a Reward Casket (Hard), but to unlock the Gielinor Egg Hunt you will only need to complete it once.

Gielinor Egg Hunt

Once you're a proven Egg Hunter, Nougat will task you with hunting down eggs across Gielinor. They will give you 12 clues for the first week (8 of the clues will be active in F2P with the remaining 4 only available to members). There'll be another 12 clues dropping in the second week, and the third week will just be extra time to get everything done. You will need to use your wits and ingenuity to track down all the eggs! Each egg you find rewards you with Egg Points which can be traded in for some Eggs-ellent prizes.

Egg Hunter's Hoard

Here's how you can spend your Egg Points! From the winsome Spring Picnic outfit to the brand new Flower Sprout Aura, these are sure to put a spring in your step.

Pick up both of these and more for you egg points! Here's the full list:

Click here for the Full table

Item Type Egg Point Cost
Flower Sprout Aura 30
Spring Picnic Outfit Oufit 20
Cheep Offhand (Magic) 10
Floral Loot Beam Loot Beam 10
Easter Trees Fort Forinthry Unlock 6
"Chocolate" Title 2
"the Egg" Title 2
Eggo Dizzy Overhead Emote 4
Guthix Sleepy Overhead Emote 4
Gummy Surprise Egg Container 4*

*Gummy Surprise Egg can only be purchased after you have purchased all other items in the store. It can be purchased multiple times.

Community Egg Hunt

Take part in Community Egg Hunts on Sunday the 24th of March and 31st of March at 20:00 Game Time! These temporary events will work similarly to the Gielinor hunts (solve clues → gain egg points) but the final step will require a group of players to work together. Coordinate with your fellow egg hunters for an extra boost of Egg points! Once the final clue of each week has been solved by a group of players on a particular world, it can then be solved solo by folks who started a little later on that world too.

Spring Bond Offers

Looking to improve your Spring Token gathering or really want to have a cute set of ears for your pet? For the duration of the event you'll find the following offers at the Marketplace:

  • 1 Bond - Skill Pet Bunny Ear Appearance Bundle : Contains 3x Untradeable Skill Pet Bunny Appearance Tokens.
  • 1 Bond - Spring Tokens Booster : Receive +100% Spring Tokens from activities.

These can both be purchased by all players (including Ironman and F2P players). The Booster can only be purchased once while the Bunny ears can be purchased multiple times unless you have fewer than 3 pets without the appearance unlocked.

- The RuneScape Team

Blooming Burrow  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (2024)
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