Roll Out Sw Open (2024)

1. Raypak heater "Rollout SW Open" - Trouble Free Pool

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  • We bought a new heater this season, a Raypak 206,000 BTU NG Electric Heater RHM-15-9962. It heated the pool nicely earlier in the week, but we turned it off when a cool spell was forecast. This morning I tried to turn it on and I get this error message: "Rollout SW Open". What does this...

2. High Limit or rollout switch open - HVAC-Talk

3. [PDF] Atmospheric Above-Ground Pool & Spa Heater

  • Flame Roll-Out Safety Switch. 27. High Limits. 27. Burner Tray Removal. 28. Gas Valve ... “Rollout Sw Open”. Rollout Sensor - Check for blocked heat exchanger and ...

4. SOLVED: Why is it reading rollout sw open - I have to - Raypak | Fixya

  • 16 jul 2014 · Rollout switch open displays. Fusible link or the Roll out switch are one and the same... if it burns out, or provides 'Open Circuit', then you ...

  • Why is it reading rollout sw open - I have to replace switch?Raypack 156ENC Is there any way to tell why it blew? - Raypak Pool & Spa question

5. What is a Furnace Flame Rollout? - Dream Team

  • 1 nov 2022 · The flame rollout switch is a safety feature that shuts off the gas supply to the burner if the flame blows out. This can happen for several ...

  • Are you concerned about a furnace flame rollout? Learning how to deal with is safety will help you and your home.

6. Raypak Heater Fault Code Guide - Inyo Pools

  • 22 feb 2016 · Roll Out Sw Open – Rollout Switch – verify gas pressure, combustion air, blocked heat exchanger, proper vent size/connections, high wind ...

  • Raypak heater fault code guide.

7. Goodman flame rollout limit circuit open -

  • 29 okt 2016 · That leaves the rollout switch itself. I took both the rollout switches out of the furnace and set our kitchen oven at 180 deg F. I put the ...

  • Goodman flame rollout limit circuit open - Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces

8. Goodman tripping rollout limit switch - HVAC-Talk

  • 15 dec 2010 · While I had open access, I allowed heated air to vent out my access hatch, prior to the air conditioning condenser. The rollout switch still ...

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Roll Out Sw Open (2024)


Why is my propane heater sparking but not lighting? ›

One of the most common reasons for a furnace not igniting is a faulty thermostat. Ensure that the thermostat is set to a temperature higher than the current room temperature. If it's battery-powered, replace the batteries. If your thermostat is programmable, verify that the programmed settings are correct.

What causes open rollout? ›

A Buildup of Soot and Gases

A high concentration of gases within the chamber will cause the flames to grow bigger each time you turn the furnace on. Flame rollout is extremely dangerous because it involves burning toxic gases like carbon monoxide instead of clean natural gas.

What is a roll-out switch on a pool heater? ›

This is generally a heat activated switch down by the burners. If the vent gets plugged, the heat exchanger...even high winds...can force the flame/heat backwards and trip this switch. Some are able to be reset others need to be replaced.

What does open water sensor mean on pool heater? ›

The model is inside the pool heater. I do not need the Aqualink model number. Anyways the answer is as I mentioned before. (open water temp sensor) That means the control board can no longer read the temperature of the incoming water.

Does water run through pool heater when heater is off? ›

A bypass valve is put in place near the intake to stop water from flowing through the heater when it's not in use.

How do I know if my pool valve is open? ›

In order to tell if the valve is open or closed, the general rule is, if the handle is switched 90deg to the flow, it is off. As you can see from the diagram above, if the handle is in line with the flow path, it is on. Simple.

Why is my Raypak pool heater not firing? ›

Check the Power: If your Raypak pool heater isn't working at all, the problem could be something as simple as a lack of power. Go make sure there aren't any tripped circuit breakers in the fuse box, then check that the unit's time clock is set to the “On” position.

What is the primary function of the heater roll out switches? ›

One of these safety features is the flame rollout sensor or switch. The flame rollout switch ensures that the flame doesn't “roll out” from the combustion chamber in search of oxygen. Hence, it protects your home from the dangerous effects of a furnace fire.

How do I know if my thermocouple is bad on my propane heater? ›

The best way to verify that you need a new thermocouple is to see if your pilot light is lit. If the pilot light can't hold ignition, that means either a problem with the gas supply or, more likely, the need for thermocouple replacement.

Why is my heater clicking but not igniting? ›

Defective Igniter or Pilot Light

If it makes a clicking noise but your furnace won't ignite after its combustion cycle, then it's more than likely going to need to replace the electronic ignition systems.

Why won't my propane water heater ignite? ›

In many cases, the reason that you can't get your pilot light to ignite is that the pilot tube is clogged. This is a small metal tube that supplies the gas needed to ignite the pilot and keep it lit. The pilot tube often becomes clogged with debris, and this will prevent gas from flowing to the pilot light.

Should a rollout switch be open or closed? ›

The flame rollout switch is normally closed and opens on high temperature from the flame. The switch is meant to open if the flame is pushed backward away from the heat exchanger area where the flame should be traveling toward.

What does roll out switch mean? ›

Your furnace has a safety device that is designed to detect flame. rollouts. It's called a flame rollout switch, and it cuts off the. gas supply to your furnace when it detects higher temperatures than normal. immediately outside the combustion chamber.

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