- Encyclopedia Dramatica (2024) ( for short) is a fa*ggity gore site with over a million members where basem*nt dwelling weirdos and edgy losers who worship mega sneezers do exactly what the name of the website would suggest. It was created as a sister website to Rdrama after the subplebbit r/watchpeopledie got banned in the wake of a CGI animation from New Zealand getting realeased in march of 2019. Unlike plebbit, wpd has a lot of interesting features, just like plebbit, ✡censorship✡ runs rampant and users of wpd genuinely believe that downvoting someone and taking their fake internet points away will somehow teach that person a lesson. The mascot of the website is a Cat called Marsey.


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Introduction was created on April 25th, 2022. It started out with a bunch of unique videos getting posted. It is hosted by cloud fare, which is very unfortunate, because cloudfare does this very retarded annoying thing here it constantly asks if you are a human or not. f*cking cloudfare. It existed on plebbit as r/watchpeopledie until the judeojannies banned it when it started posting CGI animations that were too spicy, which ironically is what another gore subplebbit, r/gunfights, would get banned for years later, in the wake of yet another one of Sorathas spicy CGI animations, this time from Buffalo, Jew Dork. The way the site works is that you can post comments and videos, and for every like or dislike you get, you get 4 coins, which can be used to buy retarded little hats, dumb rewards to attempt to annoy people with, or you could just gamble them away like a Las Vegas dead beat. When you post, you have to categorize your videos accordingly, these categories are called holes. There is h/stabbing, h/shooting, h/drowning, h/social, and many more. The site is ran by a group of admins, the chiefest among them is cl*tPEELER, who you do not wish to mess with.


The website is very user unfriendly, when you click on a post, a bunch flying gif pixels and ugly nigg*rs will be flying around because some joker put an award on the post to make it do that. Other users can buy awards that ban you for a day. Users will block you even though you never contacted them, comments and usernames will have large and annoying looking moving emojis attached to them, and the list of plebbit like fa*ggotry goes on and on. There is also an annoying bot that comments randomly generated crap in every thread. Of course, most of that is pretty funny, so let's move on to actual issues with this website, so I do not sound like a kvetching jew.The website is full of reposts and dumb edits. Wow! What a cool video! It is a shame that I have already seen it 6 million times before! At first, there were no reposts at all, but now there is an infestation. Those edits of CGI animations are just an excuse to make reposts.The website is also full of losers who worship school sneezers, although, to be fair, most users condem such things.A lot of videos on wpd are just plain boring. Not just because most of them are reposts, but also because most of them feel the same. There is only so much mileage that one can get from watching dozens of "different" videos that always follow the same format. "Oh, cool, another low quality video of some tied up beaner lying on the ground while he gets blasted by a nerf gun wielding aztec! Havent seen that one before!" " Woah! Another video of a spic in brazil getting ambushed that has no distinction between the hundreds of other videos on here that are exactly like it! Awsome!"After a while, execution videos like that get boring because there is no variety or struggle or ambiguity to them. You know exactly how each one will end. They are about as mindless as those capesh*t movies were good guy beats bad guy that consoomer cucks fall head o er feels for.There are also a lot of idiots who do self harm over there, which brings down the overall quality of the website down by about 10 Mcnu*tty points.


For many reasons, is very controversial, and it is especially hated by plebbitors and sh*t tok users. Besides gore, there are other reasons for that. You see, just like Newgrounds, one of wpds users would commit a mass sneezing, and just like jewgrounds, another one would attempt to go for the high score, only to get captured before he could do it. This has led to wpd to rise to top tier infamy, much farther then one would expect from a website that started out as a sister website to Rdrama. Another reason they have become controversial is because pearl clutchers on jewtube and sh*t tok have made numerous videos kvetching about wpd for typical oversensitive female/boomer reasons.


Cloudfare is being naughty


*Insert random copy pasta here*


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